I started my photography with a Brownie camera many years ago.Throughout my professional career, I continued to take snapshots of family events and various locations when I traveled for business or pleasure.

Although the cameras changed from film to digital, the intent in taking the picture stayed the same.

My outlook and approach to photography changed in 2009 when I joined the Photo Guild of the Newport Art Museum. My photography evolved from snapshots, although I must admit I still take some, to taking time to think about the image before I take it and to try and visualize what the final image will look like. Sometimes I am successful and often I am not. As with any endeavor, practice, experimentation, and more practice changes the approach and end result of the effort given. With the evolution of Lightroom, Photoshop, and third party plug-ins, an almost unlimited amount of editing capability is now available to the photographer.

Travel has always been an interest of mine.  I enjoy experiencing new locations and new adventures.  It is not clear to me whether I travel to take pictures or take pictures in order to travel, but the end result is that most of my images are travel/landscape related.

I hope you enjoy my images and, perhaps, are inspired to visit the locations on your own.  Any comments and questions are encouraged and appreciated.  I can be reached at